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Algorithm of Hamartithia

I’m getting around to chapter two. I’m just slowly re-writing the rough draft, adding things and subtracting things from it, and overall just making sure it’s better than what I first wrote down on paper.

How much did I write down, in that notebook, by the way? 17. Counting front and back. I’m probably going to cut it off early and leave the rest to the beginning of chapter 3, but I don’t want anyone else to be confused. ;A;

I’m trying my best with the chapter I’m currently working on, though. I’ll finish it. Sorry for taking so long.

… That awkward moment when there’s more random OCs than the main characters in a story.


not only that, but I made up a dad for one main character and turned another into a baby

one’s also a maid now.


Created a new tumblr blog to calm down from playing Amnesia.


Now I need to write out ‘Agorithm of Hamartithia’. I finally got all of the characters settled out. I had to change a few plot points, though, which I’m slightly unhappy about.

I wanted to get more background to the whole story, but I can totally work with what I have now. ovo Let the epicness begin.

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